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Your audience discovers the world online. Make sure your campus is in their view.

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Freedom to Explore

Allow users to explore your campus at their own pace, or you can create specific guided tours for undergraduate or graduate students. Guided tours allow for users to follow an immersive step by step experience of specified points on campus based on their interests.

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Your Story, Your Way

CampusView is optimized to accept multiple media types, including images, videos, virtual reality, 360 panoramas, 360 videos, and many other forms of content. The use of various media types provides a rich virtual tour experience, without compromising on the overall sense of place from the map rendering.

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Integrate & Update with Ease

CampusView is a powerful solution for engaging prospects and generating leads. Easily integrate CampusView with all of your marketing and recruitment tools (CRM, Google Analytics) allowing for a seamless flow of prospect data. Use your current content management system (CMS) or the built-in dashboard to keep your virtual tour accurate.

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